Build Your Dream Career

Just as we take our clients’ recruitment needs seriously, we feel the same about your career goals.

At Lico Resources, you are not just another name or resúme to be passed on to a client.

You are first an individual. We take time to understand your goals and dreams – just like what a good friend would do.

We Are Here To Not Only Help You Find A Job. More Importantly, We Want To Help You Build A Fulfilling Career That Is Both Exciting And Rewarding.

We do not push to you roles that don’t fit your goals or expectations. However, because of our experience and insights, we may occasionally recommend a position that at first may feel incompatible with your requirements but is actually a great opportunity for your career development. Ultimately, we respect your decision and will work closely with you to build a rewarding career.

We have the privilege of seeing our candidates grow and move onto bigger leadership roles. If you looking for a trusted partner to work with you to achieve your career goals, we would like to help. Contact us today!