Success Is Not a Result, It Is a Habit: 10 Common Habits Found in Top Achievers

For many, success is the result that comes from hard work and the efficient use of opportunities. This is why we often see people struggling to reach a certain height, believing that they’ll be happy and called successful when they get there. Such struggles constantly yield frustration and not success.

Success is not a result, or an event; it is rather a habit that continually breeds certain kind of results. As a salesperson, you do not become successful by breaking a certain sales record or achieving a particular goal, rather, you are successful when you inculcate certain habits that make it possible for you to continue getting certain positive results and improving in all areas of your life.

Here are ten habits that are common among top achievers in the field of sales as well as in other walks of life:

They are passionate about what they do:

Top achievers are often passionate about what they do. Having strong passion for what you do will keep you going at all time: it provides motivation during hard times and the needed enthusiasm to go for more when the time is good.

They are constantly learning:

Being able to learn from all kinds of situations is one of the habits that set successful people apart. While many people may be discouraged by failure, successful people learn from the experience and move on to greater heights.

They always add value:

Many still fail to understand that what they get out of life is a result of what they give. Top achievers, however, are constantly looking for ways to add value to whatever they do. This is a habit that helps them to keep existing clients and attract new ones.

They are always prepared:

While everyone knows that being prepared is essential in trying to strike a deal, so many people fail to develop the habit of being prepared at all times. Successful people are often seen to be constantly prepared to take charge at any given opportunity and this helps them to get things done at any given opportunity.

They cherish relationships:

Some people often undermine the role played by relationships in the life of top achievers. Being able to build and sustain reliably helpful relationships is one habit that keep top achievers constantly ahead.

They are persistent:

Like everyone, successful people face failure constantly, but they often rise above them. They achieve this by being persistent at what they do; not allowing failure to deter them.

They constantly refine their techniques:

Top achievers know that what worked with Mr. A may not work with Mr. B, so they are always willing to refine their techniques and adapt to any given situation.

They manage their time properly:

Proper time management is one of the key habits that help top achievers stay ahead of others. There can only be 24 hours in a day. Being able to manage this time properly is key to obtaining maximum result from it.

They plan and stick to their plans:

It is common to see normal people derail from a plan when they face challenges. For top achievers, this is not often the case. Once they have a clear plan, they often stick to it. Techniques may be changed, but the original plan is often not abandoned.

They always aim for high standards, values and goals:

Top achievers don’t settle for less. They are not comfortable with average so they set high standards for themselves and people around them.