Our Search Methodology

You want top-notch talent.
We connect them to you.

Few decisions can have as much an impact on the long-term success of a company than that of selecting the right candidate to hire.

At Lico Resources, we take each search assignment seriously. With an experienced and well-trained team of professionals, we help you power up your recruitment efforts, mitigate the risks and consistently find the right people who can steer your business forward.


"People are not your most important asset. The right people are."
~ Jim Collins

Our search methodology leverages a winning combination of technology and over a decade of recruiting best practices across various industries and the region, to help you score the bull’s eye.

As your strategic partner, we take time to learn about your business, goals, corporate culture, strategic and operational issues you face, and an in-depth understanding of the position.

Next, we work with you to define the ideal candidate profile, detailing the industry and functional experience, core competencies, as well as personality and behavioural traits needed to succeed in the role and work environment. We’ll then design a search plan tailored to your needs.

We implement your customised search plan through leveraging our expertise, connections and resources to find and identify candidates who are your best match.

Using multiple sources that include our vast internal talent bank carefully curated over the years, social networks, industry referrals, and advertising (when needed), we locate high quality candidates, including those who are not actively looking for a career change.

We meticulously screen high-potential candidates: review qualifications and accomplishments, conduct systematic, in-depth interviews and do background checks.

Through our rigorous evaluation process, we choose the most qualified candidates, provide comprehensive consultant reports on the candidates, and then arrange client-candidate interviews.

Getting a candidate to accept an offer is not necessarily the easiest task; one small mistake can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

When a candidate is finally selected, we’ll work with you to present the offer in the most advantageous manner. We also facilitate any negotiations to successfully work out the terms that are agreeable to you and the candidate. Often, the candidate will receive a counter offer by current employer (or another hiring company). We’ll work closely with the candidate to manage it professionally.

After the candidate has gone onboard, we’ll stay in touch with you and the new executive regularly over the next three months to ensure a smooth transition and settling in.